The Perfect Day- You Challenge

Linking up with Lauren and Tiffany for Tuesday Topics this week.
What is a my perfect day?
My perfect day would involve:
Starting with my handsome hubby bringing me some coffee and letting me sleep in while he spends daddy time with Kaylei and lil' Gerry.
 A day where the kids are getting along, conversations flow and little giggles fill the air. This would definitely involve some music playing and flip flops.  Wearing whatever is comfortable and hanging out all day not worrying about a thing.
Roasting marshmallows and hot dogs outside over a fire, trying to catch lightening bugs. 
Taking lots of pictures!
It would end by winding down enjoying some extra chocolatey hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream watching a great movie or cartoons.  My mind is into FALL/family mode right now! (ask me when I am having a crazy day and the answer will more than likely be much different)
No house work, cooking or dishes. 
**I would LOVE to find one of those costume shops that you see on the tv where people are dressing up in all kinds of crazy fun costumes to play in.  Funny, I know.  Dress up and go to a big masquerade ball with my husband and act like I know how to dance all night. Thats the crazy dreamer part of me talking.  Lastly, I would love to stay in a hotel with a balcony with a view of the beach.
What does your perfect day involve?

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Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Sounds great!

Whitney @ My Southern Comfort said...

Found you through Tuesday Topics. your day sounds a lot like mine! as long as the kiddos are getting along its a perfect day for me!

Amy said...

Aw What a PERFECT day that would be! <3 Sounds heavenly! and hahah had to chuckle at the last one LOL I would have to PRETEND i could dance as well! :)

Valentina said...

Stopping by through the link up!
I love hot chocolate and whipped cream makes it soooo much better! Also love the idea to go find a shop and dress up...Who doesn't like pretending to me someone else for a little while. xx


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