Don't Shove a Donut in My Face!

I recently saw this commercial and I couldn't help but to laugh at how it reminded me of past events with my husband and I.   I don't know if this happens to ya'll but it drives me nuts.  What am I talking about?  When your husband/SO has no shame in eating something so delicious in front of you when you are having something healthy.   When you are trying to make a lifestyle change in the healthier direction.  My husband is awful about this. 

Check this commercial out:  Walgreens- Powdered Donuts  ~ It is not on YouTube yet or else I would have put that up.
Any time I have ever tried to get healthier and lose weight it happens.  He wants to do his thing and gives me everything I need but the moral support I require to get through and stay on a healthy track.  He will provide me with anything having to do with equipment, dvds, memberships and the physical part of it but the emotional, psychological part...forget about it.  It is not that he doesn't care but I think he doesn't know how to give that to me.

I wish I didn't feel like I am unable to make this change on my own without that support.  I guess it is because he is the closest person to me and I expect him to do it with me.  I want him to provide that support and not flaunt stuff unintentionally in front of me when I am still in that vulnerable stage.  If I had a close friend that I could be accountable with then he could eat all the juicy burgers and double chocolate Klondike bars all day-everyday and it wouldn't bother me a bit.  I know ultimately it is up to me and I need to find another way that works for me so I am not having that big ole excuse factor in my way.  Since I am in the process of getting my time management/organization skills together this is next on my list.  The setting up a permanent healthy lifestyle solution.  Being organized and having my time management together will just make getting and staying healthier smoother.  \

Being raised on southern cooking made me a foodie.  Fried chicken, pasta, potatoes, cakes, pies, gumbo, crawfish, gaulett, baked mac and cheese, homemade biscuits and it can go on and on and on.   I need to find that line of portion control with that good food.  Portion control and timing is my down fall at this point and has been for years.  I don't feel like I have to 86 all of the foods that I love but to have a smaller portion and be within my nutritional needs for the day.  When I have done that in the past all I thought about was the foods I couldn't have.  I think it is because I can't stand to be told I can't do something.  Being smart about it though would be beneficial.

Okay, I am all done rambling.  What did you think of that commercial?  What kind of road blocks do you face on your journey to a healthier lifestyle?


Ashley said...

It's extremely hard to get into shape when your partner doesn't need to. Mine is at the perfect weight and he can eat anything he wants no problem and he's a HUGE snacker.

So trying to eat right with him is dang near impossible. :/

Jaime Hungry said...

I've had this problem in the past with quitting smoking, my roommate/best friend smokes and being around her makes the temptation so much worse! I also totally feel you on the southern food, it's SO good, but not so healthy! And yes, I am a follower on GFC :)

Amy Perdew said...

Oh my goodness, it really is.

Amy Perdew said...

I have not been a smoker but I grew up around smokers and my husband used to be one. I saw how hard it was for him, especially coming in constant contact with other smokers. I hope you will find something that works for you in the end. I have been having so many problems with blogger lately from GFC not wanting to show and other stuff. Blogger/Google has something funky going on. Thanks for following Jaime!

Camille said...

I have the same problem, my husband is always bringing chips, beer, and snacks into the house. He refuses to get on board with eating healthy. :( So I know how you feel. Wish I had some advice!


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