Funny Captioned Photos

Normally I do food on Fridays, but today I am in need of some serious uplifting so I am going with Friday funnies.

This is obviously a photo shop but I can't help but to laugh.  I was searching for a Wordless Wednesday pic and ran across this.  I first thought the little girl was running from the bubbles, but then I saw the Jersey Shore chick and then I saw the pickle and just had to save it. 

This is one serious look.

hehe what a caption.

Yes, Please! Such a little cutie.

For the love of football...even the cats in on it.  I think it is a cat.

This is one of the BEST songs ever!  A song that gets stuck in my head all of the time & cheers me up.

Seriously.  Don't you agree?

Hope your smiling.  Have a great weekend. 


Sara said...

This definitely made me smile and chuckle today! :-)

P.S. I just nominated you for the Liebster Award. I LOVE reading your blog!! :-)

Amy said...

awwww thank you for the smiles! Definitely needed it!

menopausal mama said...

The Lucky Charms one is HULarious!!!! Just nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award! Please visit my site to grab the award badge and leave a comment there to let me know you got it. Congrats!!!

Stephen said...

The one of the dairy cows burning down the farm is getting emailed to my old man - he'll love it!

And, I hope whatever's causing you to need an uplift wears off soon. Nothing worse than the blue devils.


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