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Riddle Game for Kids- "What am I"

Are you ready for an inexpensive and fun game? I remember playing "What am I" when I was younger and always had lots of fun. It was all verbal games though, not any neat pictures or anything. I decided to put together some "What am I" graphics together for us to play at home or even in the car on the go. You can never go wrong with games that teach and are a blast to play.  I really enjoy having younger children that are still into the "FUN" learning. Notice those quotes? That isn't wrong, right? Nah, I didn't think it was so horrible either. I will continue to go the route of winning my kids over with the "FUN" aspect of the games. Exercising their little brains and making some new brain cells. My husband brings the imagination to the table and I tell you it is endless hours of crazy sounding animals running amuck pretending. 

Here are our animals:
Polar Bear

Right click and save to your computer then print. I am still trying to find the best way to do a free printable, so if you have any advice, I am all ears. 

Print this page, then cut out your images.  
Fold your index card in half and glue the "What am I?" on the front.

Have some fun with the inside. Let your child draw the animal on the back once they figure out the animal. *More than one kid? Simple....let them take turns.  They will enjoy drawing their animals as well as making the sounds or actions that the animal does.You can always go outside the cards. I offered up a few more riddles so they could make a few more sounds. Rooster, Pig, Horse, Cow and a Dog. 

Want to make your own?

*Think of new animals and 3 things about that animal and type it up for your image.
*Create your image frame that will fit your project and choose your text.
*Change your frame colors to reflect the animal or the animals environment you are talking about.

You can do animals, objects, people etc.

Super easy right. I hope you enjoyed this and will have fun playing this game with your littles. Please do let me know if you try this out, I would love to check it out.

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