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Jelly Bean Poem/Prayer/Verses and a Craft!

I like to make everything my own and by reviewing MANY of the same yet different ending poems/prayers here is the one that will be gracing its presence in our home from here on out during Easter.  I did add and remove some from the bottom section.

Little G separated all of the jelly beans into groups and we put them into the bags together.  I decided he needed to eat the ones that were ugly. : )
After getting it all done...I realized my photo of the line of jelly beans was a little crooked...oops. : ) It still turned out to be workable.  My 4 year old can almost say the whole thing just from doing like 15 bags.  Such a little smarty.  My daughter was in school while little G and I did these.  I actually set them out for him to do at the kitchen table so I could do Zumba, but I decided it was more fun to do it together and then us to get some exercise in together.  I got a new Zumba disc and it is SO fast.  Little G thinks the Zumba fit 2 is better than Zumba Core btw. : )  Got off subject here.  I like to find out everything I can about something before I do for this...I looked at probably 15 different projects that were similar and I ran across 2 that provided the rest of the story.  So, I am bringing it all to you.  Until recently, I have never even heard of the Jelly Bean Prayer or the Poem. : )  

I ran across this one while trying to find the "true" source of the jelly bean prayer/poem.  I really love this one as well.  It has more of the details I wanted. 

Jelly Bean Poem

Little jelly beans 
Tell a story true.
A tale of Father's love 
Just for me and you. 

GREEN is for the waving palms.

YELLOW is for the sun above.

BROWN is for the soft earth where 

People sat hearing of HIS love. 

A SPECKLED bean for fish and sand.
RED for precious wine and 
BLACK is for the sin 
He washed from you soul and mine. 

PURPLE'S for the sadness of 
HIS family and His friends,
WHITE is for the glory of 
The Day HE rose again. 

Now that you've heard the story
 You know what each color means.
The story of our Father's love 
Told by some jelly beans.
So every morning take a bean 
They're really very yummy.
Something for the soul, you see 
And something for the tummy. 

Jelly Bean Color- Verses

What do you think?

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