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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Snacks!

Did you watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when you were a kid?  I did, it has been so long though I could only remember a few of the catch phrases.  The new TMNT does not use the "COWABUNGA" phrase, but that is a TMNT word to me.  I mixed the old with the new and we celebrated my son's 5th Birthday Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle style.

Mini brown cupcake wrappers- 1 TBL of Batter 
Confetti cake- prepare via box directions
Double cookies- one side is vanilla and other is chocolate
Saves $$

Pepperoni- Vanilla Cookies with chunks of red gummy for pepperoni.
Sewer Lid- Chocolate cookie with teal writing icing.
Extra Cheese- Vanilla cookie with other cookie extra frosting crumbled on top

Put pepperoni and extra cheese in oven under broiler to melt everything slightly- watch it closely.

I put the mini cupcake wrappers in a regular cupcake tin with 1 tbl of batter which makes it slightly non perfect cupcake shape...which I wanted.   Once cooled I squeezed a bit of cream cheese/butter cream blended frosting on the center of the cupcake and put the lids and pies on to complete!

Inspiration- Nice and simple....I wanted to incorporate the ninja turtle favorites in the cake.  I normally make the cakes so complicated each year and get stressed.  I had a little mouth to feed and he loves his cookies and I decided to go with this theme.  He loved them.  I absolutely LOVE making themed desserts!

Creamy Garlic Laughing Cow- 3 wedges
Cream Cheese- 1 8oz pack

*Mix together the cream cheese and place in the freezer for few to firm up a bit.

2 cucumbers- Slice first and then peel with a peeler to get a whole strip. Gut the cucumbers center but leave a bit of a bottom.

Use a teaspoon to scoop up your cream cheese and press slightly into the cucumber.  Then flip it over so then it smooths over the surface of the cream cheese AND it is doesn't keep sticking to you.   Press you mini pepperonis on your turtle on a half shell.  

I wanted something that was veggie related so we did not have all junky snacks.  This is a  typical weave with the exception it is normally made out of bacon. Over and under....basic method.  It was super easy and I just lined the outside with the cucumbers...and the weave was a perfect set up for the snack card. 

Inspiration- I saw a appetizer of cream cheese and bacon stuffed cucumbers out there some where and really wanted to make them.  In my many marathons of TMNT with the kids I kept hearing "TURTLES ON THE HALF SHELL"....thus the turtles on a half shell was born.

1 Row of Butter Round Crackers
Shredded Colby Cheese- Grated
Shredded Cheddar- Grated
Mini Pepperoni

Place in the oven broiler for a few minutes.  Shut the oven but check super often.  I have charred way too many things with the broiler, way more than I would admit too.  To prevent ruined food, I will leave the oven closed for about 2 minutes and then I crack it so I can watch the food.  When I removed the crackers I took a spatula and ran it in between the crackers to make sure when the cheese firmed up a little more they could be picked up without pulling all the cheese off the others.   

Inspiration- When I was a teen, I would often get off the bus with my cousin and she would always make snacks for us.  One snack in particular was Ritz crackers with a regular sized pepperoni on each cracker and then topped with lots of shredded cheese; placed in the microwave for like 30 seconds or until melted.   

Box of $1 Gummi Lifesavers
Box of $1 Hot Tamales

Inspiration- I was searching bing images for turtle party snacks and ran across rice krispie sushi....rice krispy wrapped in fruit roll up and sliced.  It was super cute, but WAY to much work going on there.  Sorry, I was trying to be simple.  Anyhoo, I had a box of lifesavers in the snack drawer already and my son is in love with hot tamales.   I figured why could resemble sushi!  I pushed the hot tamale through the middle and snipped the top off. 

He actually says "Hot Tamels" and can eat a whole box.  He fell in love with them last Summer when my mom gave them to him for the first time.   He hadn't eaten any in a while, so when he ate the first one....I happen to click the photo at the same time he was saying "Man!" "That was a hot tamel!"  He even had the woosh sound.....ROFL.

My awesome Rice Krispie Treat making husband made these.  They were super gooey and really yummy.  I have no luck with rice krispies, so he offered to make these.  
He says the secret is low and slow.....I trust him and he never disappoints. 

We picked up a Wilton Electric Melting Pot from Michaels.  Normally they are around 30 but I grabbed a 40% coupon and my hubby went and picked it up for 20.  I LOVE coupons for the craft store!  A.C. Moore always has great coupons...but they didn't have the Wilton pot I wanted.  

Anyway, he put them in the fridge for about an hour to firm up before dipping them.  We used cut in half wooden skewers for the dipping sticks.  Dip your turtle power balls and place on a sheet of parchment and place back in fridge to firm up. 

Inspiration- Gerry is in love with chocolate fountains so we wanted to give him something chocolate dipping I needed a snack to use with Turtle Power. 

Nose nuggets- Caramel Corn tossed in a few drops of food coloring.  Put them in a bag and drop in a few drops and swish them around and distribute as much as possible.  Add more of green food coloring drops if you would like more green!  

Inspiration- On one of the episodes of TMNT one of the turtles was talking about having nose nuggets. Yeah, pretty simple.

Vanilla Pudding- Prepared to pie filling instructions.
Chocolate Pudding- Chocolate pudding mixed with chocolate chip minis- prepared to pie filling instructions.

We used 2 packs of Sugar Free Fat Free pudding mix for each and placed in fridge until ready to assemble.
Gallon freezer bags or smaller if you like.  Vanilla pudding with 5 drops of food coloring and blended in bag.  Cut the tip off and pipe your pudding in your small mason jar.  Rotate your chocolate and green pudding and then place a chocolate cookie at the top to finish it up.

What you need:

2 packs of Sugar Free Fat Free Lime Jello- prepared to box instructions.

Berry Kool Aid prepared to box instructions.
1 pack of Hawaiian Punch pack--the individual ones for bottles of water.

Blend your jello(previously chilled and jelloized) with the drink mix well. I don't think jelloized is a word, but we will go with it.  Then, pour in your jars and the jello floats right to the top.

Inspiration- I ran across a website talking about all the vintage Ninja Turtle snacks throughout time and he had a recipe of jello and cornstarch to make it look like sludge.   I thought about this and seriously considered making some jello mixed with cornstarch, but then it just sounded too gross.  I wanted it to look gross not taste gross.  Great idea on the super ooze looks though.  I went ahead and tried to think of ooze factor and tasty factor.   I hope you love this ooze!   

Raphael and Leonardo are the turtles my son loves the best.   We found Double Sais like how Raphael uses at the $1 tree in a ninja pack.  Of course, he had to eat his pizza with his PIZZA FORKS! 

My hubby customized 2 swords into a double Katana back pack for Gerry so he could be like Leonardo.  Pretty neat and he loved it!  He is so grateful and happy to get whatever he gets and that brings a smile to our faces.  Now, that doesn't mean whatever it is will last, but that is a different story.

Thanks for sharing some of our special  moments with our birthday boy!   Stay tuned for a few of the TMNT decorations we went with.   We did not do a party party....normally it is just us and sometimes the little girl across the street comes down.  Birthdays are so special and I am so excited to celebrate them, but sad that my babies are getting bigger.  

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