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24 Days of Elf Kindness- A list for Kids

Elf on the Shelf has become so popular over the years and so many have made it a part of their Christmas tradition. I was so very leery of doing this because of the price. I jumped at the chance to get one when the opportunity to get one for $17 came along(B&N email coupon with B&N membership discount). Yes, I have loved most of the pictures I have seen all over the web. From the ones so sweet and kind to the ones that are kind of leaving you thinking WTH! There are messy ones, funny ones and even horrible ones; like the shaving elf. I have gotten so many great laughs from searching through Elf on the Shelf ideas on Pinterest. However, I have decided to change things up for our family and the way we do Elf on the Shelf. I am not about cleaning up unnecessary messes or even wasting food(especially when so many are without). It may be in the fun of it all, but how about kindness. For our family, the holidays are about showing love for others and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior of mankind. 

We had fun, mischief and kindness with our little elf, Snozzberry, but I have that saved for an upcoming post. We do many of these things regularly, but we had our elf leave little glitter note tasks for our kids to do a deed a day. We mixed ours with kindness, crafts, holiday fun and more. One thing I always have in the back of my mind is that the kids will recognize my handwriting, so I try to make it a little messy. By the way our kids are 5 and 8 years old. 

-signed Snowflakes and Cookies

A few things seem a bit similar, but are different in task. The meaning in the end is the same and it is the most important message to send your kids. Acts of Kindness make such a powerful impact on kids. It really allows them see that they can make a difference, no matter how old they are. 

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