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Stretching what you have and making what you can with what you have is something that is consistently intriguing and inspiring me.
I am married, to a man I swear is my soul mate; we have a 5 year old son and an 8 year old daughter. We are learning and teaching as we go with them and hoping we don't scar them for life. Just kidding! I am taking advantage of the days until the end of ABC's and endless hugs and conversation. I have been a stay at home more for a little over 3 years and sometime I love it and sometimes I do not love it as much. I have gotten pretty bored at home and with the homebody I am, I do not have many to share all my creations with and blogging opened that door for me. 

My first blog post says it all: What Creativity is to Me

Why did I start blogging?
Being a blogger would not have been a thought that would have ever crossed my mind, but I am sure glad it did. I started out being a contributor to Central Foothills Mommies, CFM Facebook page and the member forums. When I started learning about blogging, the more I wanted my own blog...and so Consider Me Inspired was created!  Not a huge story, but it is how it all started. I really enjoy blogging now and I feel like everything created or even things I feel can be discussed and shared with my readers. It really gives me that happy feeling in my heart. It really has been a learning process and I have been enlightened on so many new things in my first year of blogging.

One of my favorite quotes:
- Wall Quotes Canvas Banner

I ran across this one and I really like it too:
We are tied by emotions.
Connected by dreams.
Reinforced by our hopes.
Unified by extremes.
No matter how distant we always endeavour
 to sense the full meaning of friendship forever.
- Author Unknown

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