Bath Fun

When I was little I would pretend that I was a mermaid; blow bubbles under the water{eck gross, I know}; talk to hear myself with my under water ears and bubble baths was the best.  Now my daughter does this.

My 7 year old takes FOREVER in the bathroom.  I mean I have never seen anyone take so long.  I am not all to sure what she is doing.  I know she likes to write on the mirror in the bathroom after she gets out because it is all fogged over but other than that...I have no clue.  She has eczema pretty bad so she has to have certain soaps and stuff.  I normally have to get her to take showers only because the chlorine in this water gets her itching.  Her daddy got her some Aveeno bath wash/lotion sets the other day to use, so I went ahead and ran her bath water.   She is a big girl, so I let her do her thing.  I will help wash out the top of her hair because she doesn't do such a great job with that.  I squeezed her a little bath wash in the running water to hopefully soften the harsh water a little and went on about washing dishes.
She gets out; dries off and gets ready for bed.  Like 3 hours  later I go into the bathroom and was partially shocked. Yes, I expected the clothes and towels all over.  The normal slew of toys and full cups of water lining the sides of the bath tub with dolls, pet shops and other toys taking personal bath time until their next bath play time was missing.  {random bit- They use to have water guns in the bath basket but then after the ceiling started having water dripping from it, I put a stop to that real quick.} 

Did I expect a tub full of soapy foam...nope. It was alright, but I was like goodness.....she seriously went body wash happy.   A tub full of soapy suds instead of water everywhere was a plus.   Normally, the rules are pick up after yourself...but I let em' slide every once in a while.  This was one of those times.

How does your kids do bath time?

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Sylvia Holman said...

My son is 7months so thankfully we aren't at the towels all over the floor stage yet. But my hubs could certainly do with some improvement in that area lol. I think it's an uphill battle for us mama's!

Raising Reagan said...

Haha ~ Reagan is all about the bath wash! She will stay in the shower forever and just soap up. Usually it looks like a tornado of suds!

Too cute!


Jenn said...

You're not alone... and I promise you that it gets worse as they become teenagers!!

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·`¤... Jennifer

Kera said...

So this is what I have to look forward to! LOL. My little one is 15 months and the most harm she does is splash water all over the place and all over me. And all she seems to want to do is stand up while taking a bath which I need to put an end to!

Amy Perdew said...

Lol, mine could too sometimes. Thank goodness he cleans up after himself. Fun times.

Amy Perdew said...

Love that "Bath Wash". Great choice of words.

Amy Perdew said...

I will be kicking them in the rears. It is acceptable still right now and I let them get away with it every once in a while. I figure if I am tougher on them now then they know what to expect. I will keep my fingers crossed for it to pay off in the future.

Amy Perdew said...

Yes Ma' times. That standing up thing is exactly why I got that full tub rubber mat thing. The tub gets so slippery and my daughter was doing this sliding back in forth and turning the soap left over in the bottom of the tub after the shower was off into a game. She would get out looking like a bubble monster. It is not possible on the rubber mat.

Alvina Castro said...

hi there! here from the blog hop! You can find me at (new follower) bath time for munchkin is like play time with all the toys!


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