DIY~ Personalize Candle With Engraved Key

This was SO easy to make and I am in love with all kinds of keys right now. 
 I really like this candle and how it came out, don't you. 

Here's the How To: 
Candle ~ 2.74 x 6 in.- I got this at Big Lots on sale for .75
Scrap booking page- 12 x 12 Transparent/Pearled/Pink Swirl sheet- A.C. Moore- .59
Pack of engraved keys {on the scrap booking isle} I used 40% off coupon $5 for like 6- A.C. Moore
Pack of plastic red heart table scatters- $1 Tree
Piece of silver ribbon
Piece of Jute cord
Double sided tape

I made the candle stand as well....that will be in a future post.

Take your page and wrap it around the candle and carefully trim around the bottom of the candle with a 
X-acto tool.  Cut length wise to wrap around candle with a little extra to go under the other side. 

Place double side tape along the bottom layer of your page. 
Tightly wrap around your trimmed to fit scrap booking paper and attach the top. 
Smooth over a few times to make sure it sticks. 

I don't have a heating tool yet, but I took my hair dryer and 
went over the taped section to make it melt a little to stay longer. 

Tie your ribbon and your jute with the key on it (together, jute on top) tie in a little bow in the back. 

All done! 

Contribution for "Inspiration in Progress"  every Thursday.


Janine Huldie said...

So pretty and totally speaking my language with easy and can buy the supplies from AC Moore (my brother is the stock manager at our local store). Thanks Amy for sharing!! :)

Amy @Consider Me Inspired said...

I am in love with A.C. Moore. I used to love Micheals but I go to AC Moore now because they are nicer and I have been finding better deals lately. It is rubbing off on my kids. My daughters(2nd grader) teacher asked the kids what their favorite store was and my daughter responded with AC More...she missed the O...really funny.

Anabell said...

Oh. It's so lovely!! I love candles!!! This is could be my next project!!

Anabell ~ ~

Karen at said...

Darling! Love the swirly look! And the key is absolutely adorable :)


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