Slim By The Summer Week 2


Today is our first weigh in! 

Week 1 Results:  Down 6.2 pounds

I am coming from drinking soda and coffee with flavored creamers, eating out, not exercising and not much water.  Last week- Completely clean week. No soda, flavored creamer, eating out, or sugary snacks.  Exercising and fitness worked in last week with no problems.

This week's theme:

(Bill Phillips- Body for Life-hiit & reps method)

Cardio and abdominal{my problem area} exercises 6 days a week.

Stationary Bike- 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training. 
1 minute fast/30 seconds lower.
I like this way the most because more calories burned faster with the High Intensity Interval Training. : )

Walking- Tracking with Endomondo phone app. 
I am building back up and currently am trying to get back to where I once was.  I don't know if it is because the track I normally go to has just been redone and it has been yucky weather lately so it is a bit soft.  Whew, it has been so hard to get around the track lately. 

Go Smart Omron Pedometer- Goal 10,000 steps daily. (starting this week)

These are the ones I currently rotate with:
Leg Lifts- with Foam Roller

Starting these this week: 

Weighted Side Crunches (obliques)- Jillian Micheals style
Weighted Superman's-Jillian Micheals style

Rotating Strength Training
{This week I will lessen the weights and work my way up.  My muscle recovery just was not where it needed to be.}

Reps 2 sets- 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 

Tricep Kickbacks
Bicep Curls
Side Curls(laying down on weight bench-pulling inward)-not sure on the technical name
Cross fit bar(Jillian Micheals) bench press

Calf raises on side of tub

Barbell Bench Press with Jillian Micheals Cross fit Bar
Leg Curls with weights (Exertec weight bench)
Seated Leg Extensions
Bridges with exercise ball

1 rest day. 

Come join the group

What are you doing each week for exercise!


Janine Huldie said...

You are doing awesome and I so don't have any real routine down. I am so winging it right now. I either use my stationary bike or vacuum (which I do a lot of with my two kids, lol!!). Congrats on the 6.2 lbs lost and so happy to be dong this with you :)

Amy @Consider Me Inspired said...

: ) Thanks. The only reason I have something together is because I followed a similar routine previously which gave me a 30 pound loss in a 12 week at a time program. I only completed the 1st 12 weeks. It worked for me, I just bailed out due to the lazy bug hitting and not being able to put the fitness and nutrition together without feeling overwhelmed. It seems to be flowing a little better this time..with the removal of the things that didn't work for me. I don't know what I would do without my stationary bike. :)

Christin Theiss said...

WOW! amazing 6 pounds in one week!!! i drink soda, coffee creamer, but not the sugary snacks and i am really lazy when it comes to working out! oh my gosh you are about to be my inspiration, lets face time?! maybe you will become my motivation! hahaha j.k. but seriously thats awesome ! i need to get my butt into gear!

SpiritedLife said...

Good job! Great plan! Can't wait to see the results!

April @ 100lb Countdown.

Raising Reagan said...

Great job Amy! That is a great routine! I am SO extremely proud of you!


Anne @ The Pink Momma said...

Wow! Good job Amy!

Misty Marie said...

Great job!!!!!

Cinella Reyes said...

You go girl! Sounds like your body is loving you. That's a great routine... Best of luck!


Julie Merrin said...

You challenge me. I just this morning went back to the gym after over 10 years not going. (Distance had much to do with that. Distance is still a problem, but I HAVE to get back in shape, so I'll take the time.) I chose a good gym rather than winging it on my own because I have a rather stubborn case of rheumatoid arthritis, and I wanted to work with a trainer who could help me come up with a program that would benefit me without causing damage to already stressed joints and tendons. I did swim for a while, but the only local pool is out of commission for who knows how long. Anyway, I'm glad to be getting back in a routine. Let's see if I can stick with it.

I look forward to seeing how you are doing. As I said, you challenge me.

Nicole Michelle said...

Awesome! I've been on the fitness side for about a year now. The first clean week is the hardest, but it pays off in the end! Down 45 now and still going! I have my progress week by week on my blog too :)

Nicole Michelle


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