DIY~ Invisible Bookshelf

I was browsing through the new Pottery Barn catalogs scanning for project ideas, I saw some covered books and I loved them.   I plan on doing more in the future and that will be a future post.  It was super easy and I love the look.  I decided that I was going to try out the covered book and then turn it into an invisible bookshelf. : )

 I used $1 crafting paper from the $1 tree.

 I plan on doing the handwritten style on when I get a chance to sit down and do multiple books for a covered book stack.

Shelf racks(ignore my crazy nails there). 

How did I get it to stay?  I first tried a tied piece of jute and it just didn't work well.  I ended up grabbing a rubber band and that did the trick.  I am sure you could try out other options like colored rubber bands and  tying a ribbon or other decorative wrap around the rubber band to camouflage it.    

I have seen the invisible bookshelves out there and they have clips but I am all about doing it my own way so this is what worked for me.   I tried a few options just to see what it looked like.  I tried out a dvd stack and a book stack.  You could use your new "BOOK SHELF"  it for whatever you want!  It looks neat and it is picked up out of the way. 


Irfan Butt said...

love the idea..

Paula Miller said...

Hi Amy!! Nice to meet you! Just found you through the blog hop and am your newest GFC follower!
Hope you'll stop by and ck out my blog when you have a moment :)


Robin said...

This looks great!

Janene Krajci Christine Hutchinson said...

really cute idea...I'm formulating a plan for creating some of these in one of my spaces soon! Thanks for linking up at the MTMmixer this week!


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