Real Life Housework~ Happy To Do it....

I am doing a new chart system in the house to get better organized and to organize my family.  Searching for the perfect clip art takes FOREVER.  I am pretty much done with my kids clip art for their charts and I decided well heck, I mine as well do one for me too.  I do tend to put housework off for longer periods then I probably should.  Any way, I happened to bing/google mom doing housework, cleaning clip art etc...

Let me tell you what popped in my head while searching the images:
1. I am never happy to do housework
2. No, I will not smile while I am doing it like it is the best thing I have done all day and it is my highlight.
3. sexy outfits and high heals while cleaning.
4. You won't see me smiling just ready to get at the cleaning. I try to get it done as quickly as possible.

Why is it that all of the pictures look like the mom just has nothing under control or is mad, emotionless or she is whatevering it?  She is So busy that she is all crazified. Making up my own words : ) Animals everywhere....looks like lazy husbands, kids always crying.  Maybe on some days...if I googled stressed out, that is what I would expect to find.

I am more like this:

By time I start there is literally crap everywhere. I am trying to clean as I go most days, but that does not always work. I have little tornadoes making the cleaning up for nothing phrase stand strong. I like to clean at night. It helps the house be nice and clean when we all wake up and I have time to do other things. I normally am in a zone when I am cleaning and it just goes by so much faster.

I am no June Cleaver, but hey maybe one day.  Well, I want to be in control still, but I want to have that magical clean house and dinner made button under control.

Well, I am off to do a 4 hour cleaning job...just kidding...maybe. :) Have a great weekend.

What kind of house cleaner are you?  


Camille said...

I have days where I keep on top of it, then it gets away from me and I throw a major fit that scares everyone into helping me clean. Lol! And I never wear a sexy outfit, that's for sure.

Janine Huldie said...

I hate cleaning and no I never smile while doing it nor do I wear sexy outfits, either!!

Raising Reagan said...

I have to admit .. I love to clean. That is the one thing I know makes me feel better. When the house is clean and smells good!
Still ... there are chores I hate ... Like the floors and the bathrooms.

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Amy @Consider Me Inspired said...

Camille....those fits are effective in my house. :)

Janine....I smile when it is done after I can look back and be like ahhhh. : ), well I am glad someone likes it. Now I do love the results just not the process.

Mandy A said...

LOL i really laughed!!! I love your post! Anywho.... i am a OCD cleaner! LOL I cannot stand clutter or dust or just things out of place. I would literally start picking up at a friend's house coz i just cant stand it LOL I am a perfectionist, it's great sometimes, but stressful other times...

Amy @Consider Me Inspired said...

I think things would be easier on me if I could do one thing at a time rather than moving from one room to another picking up multiple unrelated tasks. :)


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