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We hope you had a very Merry Christmas with your family this past week. Ours was not bad. I missed my family, as I always do during these holidays you are normally with family. Christmas time is so very special to me. I love the magic and heart that it brings. More people focus on things just for this month that should be expressed during the entire year. A big one is doing good for others.

It is really hard for me to see how some people take Christmas and other holidays from their children. I am all for someone living their life and raising their children how they see fit. Most of the reasoning is because it is simply just not true, it gives false hope, it is only about Jesus Christ. Those are just a few. I won't elaborate any further. I know if I have heard it, more than likely you have and possibly more. I just was drawn to letting you in on how we celebrate in our home and what we think about the whole situation.

When you were a kid, when did you wonder about Santa? 

Honestly, I never had a chance to not believe in Santa or wonder about him. A few times, I do remember waking up on Christmas morning and seeing the tree surround by beautifully wrapped packages with gift and treat stuffed stockings. The excitement was priceless and one that is so memorable. We did go to church (Catholic) services as well as the classes weekly. Religion never took away our chance to experience Christmas. 

When I was in 2nd grade my step father(alcoholic-verbally and physically abusive) decided to take his life on Christmas Eve night. He decided to do it right in front of my mother after telling her "Merry Christmas." Our night was filled with horrific sights a child should never see or experience. It changes the rest of your life, well it did mine. We got Christmas much later...all of our gifts had to be cleaned off and rewrapped. Since it was no longer Christmas time, my mom, aunts and grandma wrapped our gifts in the comic book section from the newspaper. Every once in a while I do wrap gifts in comic paper just because. So, that is the reason why I never experienced the "Is Santa Real" question.

Now that you have kids, what is your approach?

1. I want my children to know that the reason for the season is to celebrate, our Savior, Jesus Christ being born. I feel like you can experience and show your love for The Lord and enjoy the magic of a big jolly man riding around in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. 

2. I do not see any reason at all to take this away from our children. My husband did not get to experience Christmas as a child, but it was not because of religion.  When you grow up, you are in the real world. The world filled with the nice and the naughty, bills, life and other stresses that will be there forever. There is not much magic about being a grown up. Unless you are lucky enough have that magical and fairytale like wedding with the movie type engagement and proposal. That is the most magic you will get as an adult, in my opinion. There is no magic like the magic of believing as a child. 

So our approach is celebrating with our children while educating them as well. It works for us and we of course let our children know that Santa brings one special gift and we pay for the rest, but Santa brings them. I mean it ties real world in with the magic. My husband works 13+ hour work days up to 7 days a week and they often go to bed without even seeing him in a day until he goes in to tell them that he loves them at night. It is important that they know that their daddy is working is for them to have the basic things in life such as shelter, clothes and food as well as the special things and the credit is not  just given to a mystical person. Even though, Saint Nicholas was the Patron of Children and we go with the different symbols of Christmas.

When you stop believing that is it. You can not go back from that. So yes, we believe in Santa at our house, but we know it is the celebration of Jesus Christ being born.

oooo My children are home for Christmas break right now, so I am having very little chances to get on the computer. It is hard for me to concentrate on what I am doing, much less write blog posts or even edit photos as of late. There is nothing wrong with a break though. I am getting more time in with my kids, which is so very important. They are driving me nuts and I am kind of ready for them to get back to the classroom and learn. They are not at the age of Christmas break meaning "let's sleep late" yet.  By time the day winds down, my husband is getting home. Then it is the other side of my day, then bed. No room for dedicated and uninterrupted computer time. I am contemplating on the upcoming year and what blogging adventures I will take on. 

I love reading Janine from Confession's of a Mommyaholic's posts. She is always doing really great series and other posts that are equally interesting. Janine's Confessions of a Mommyaholic has a great series every Friday. I have been wanting to take part in it for so long, and I just haven't gotten around to it or something else was going on. I am excited and dedicated for the upcoming post.  I will be joining January 3, 2014 weeks sentence to finish......."My blogging goals for this year are...."


Amy Perdew said...

I felt terrible that you had that experience as a child and my heart was literally breaking reading that part. I am really glad though that as an adult you have such a wonderful family with your husband and kids. And please don't feel guilty about joining us. Trust me I am a host and some weeks I am truly so overwhelmed with posting and keeping up with it. But am happy to see that you are joining and huge thank you for all your kind words here about my blog. Seriously love you and your blog, too :)

Amy Perdew said...

What a great post. We believe in filling our home with Christmas in December too--for the kids--the stress of it drives me nuts, but we do it for the kids. What happened to you is SO sad, Amy! Oh, it always hurts to hear of people having to deal with such nightmares. Thank you for sharing.

Amy Perdew said...

You know, I really wouldn't change that about my life at all. It is sad and it breaks my heart, yet I am grateful to have had that experience in my life. I truly believe in the saying, " You are never given more than you can handle." I feel that it contributes to the inner strength that I have to overcome and move past BS when I see it. I know the ways I will never live as an adult and make sure my children don't experience them either. {{Hugs}}

Amy Perdew said...

Thank you. It is so worth it seeing their eyes light up and all the stress and craziness instantly becomes worth it. Lessons in life...all worth it if you grow from it. :)

Amy Perdew said...

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