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1 Meal Turned into 3- Lasagna, Sloppy Joes and Chili

Delicious Lasagna

Dice as much onion as you want & sautee until translucent.
~I was out of bell pepper or else I would have used it too.~
Brown approx. 5 lbs. of hamburger meat & drain.
Add 2 cans of tomato paste & enough water for a nice thick meat sauce.
Let Simmer.
*Take a large serving portion out and set to the side. I used a 5.2 cup container.*

Add Italian seasoning, garlic powder & diced mushrooms to pan.

Boil Oven Ready noodles until 1/2 cooked in garlic seasoned water.
I always cook "Oven Ready" noodles 1/2 way to speed up the process.

V8 Tomato Juice

I only put 3 noodles down for a meatier bottom.

Remember that large portion of hamburger meat that was put to the side?

Add Chili powder & TA DA-- Sloppy Joe mix

Have some left, well mix a can of hot dog chili (I used a can of Hungry Man Chili) with it and
TA DA-- Meaty Hot Dog Chili!

I had lots of fun with this meal and saved tons of time by making basically 3 meals in one.


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