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DIY Foam Pinwheel

The kids love those little spinner pinwheels on the plastic sticks. They could blow on them all day and watch them, like they are being hypnotized. What a cute and simple craft activity. The base of the pinwheel is so simple and even a child could make it. I plan on making more of these with paper. Paper wouldn't be a durable as the foam, but scrapbooking paper is awfully cute. 

1 square piece of foam
Approximately 3 inches of Green Craft Wire
2 beads to secure sides
A popsicle stick if you want to attach it for it to turn.

1. Get a Square piece of Foam
2. Cut from corners in as shown.
3. Poke a hole as shown in the right sides of each corner. (Green Craft Wire)

4. Push Green Craft Wire through the middle & fold over the right sides of each corner to the middle on to the wire.  Once complete loop the wire on ends of the round beads.
Leave enough room in between for it to be able to turn if you want it to attach it to a stick.

Completed Pinwheel

If you want to put it on a popsicle stick or something to turn then just make sure your green wire is long enough. We made this one for a pretend ring, so it doesn't turn. You could make it turn if you wanted to by pushing a long hollow bead through the center piece with the bead securing it on the other side. We will make more in the future and I will be sure to include a stick so our pinwheel will turn.

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