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You are Special- A Collection of Inspirational Quotes

You are beautiful, you are smart, you are kind...etc.  I believe every child should be told they are beautiful and special every single day.   Even adults like hearing these things, because it feels good to know that someone thinks your important.

I like to let my children know they are special and beautiful and it doesn't matter whether someone else doesn't like something about you; all that matters is if YOU like it.  My daughter has a problem with worrying about what everyone thinks of her and that they don't like her.  I am not sure why she feels or thinks this way; maybe it is a stage thing.  My son doesn't have that problem and he is happy being who he wants to be.  As for my daughter Kaylei, she needs reassuring, and I am happy to give it to her.  I want her to be happy for who she is and not let anyone change how she feels or thinks about anything. Independence!

Some say its not good to tell your child these things because it can backfire. Really?! I don't think so, but that is why everyone has their own opinion. 

I often print things out with self building phrases and put them on the fridge at her eye level because I know she will read them.  I love seeing them smile and FEEL like they are special, because I already know they are.  I want them to KNOW they are special.  

I wanted to share a few things that I have put up and just random confidence boosting things I have ran across.  It is still a work in progress, but I am confident that one day it will be etched in her brain and no matter what, she will know how truly special and beautiful she is and won't ever let anyone alter her thoughts and feelings.

 I also try to teach my children about being accepting of others no matter what. 

Years back I ran across Lessons From Life on a office wall,  and I instantly had to go home and search for it.  It stays on the fridge as well and has been up there so long that I should print a new one.

No matter what happens each and every day or the people they run in to, I always want my children to remember they are special. Just because someone can't see doesn't mean you need to be blind and have a closed heart.

Served Daily!

How do you help your child(ren) know they are important? How do you keep this in mind??
I admit, it is hard for me to remember sometimes that it doesn't matter what others think.  I can give the advice but am guilty of forgetting to take it myself sometimes.   My sensitivity takes hold and affects my thoughts and emotions.  I will leave you with one final thought and I hope you have a blessed day!

What kind of quotes motivate, inspire or make you think? 

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