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Candy Coffee & Cocoa

Yes!  I love cocoa mixed with my coffee, however this is not that kind of post.  It ranks at a better and more decadent level.  We often travel back home to the Gulf Coast every year, and it is SUCH a long drive.  With that being said I want to share a little secret we use to keep us awake when we start feeling the need to doze off.   Normally we buy a Milky Way or a 3 Musketeer and a 1/2 Cappucino 1/2 super strong coffee; then we drop the candy bar into the cup and let it melt.  Super sugar overload, but it does the trick and we can keep going. 

It is just delicious and certainly can't be limited to 1 time a year. 
Here is another way to get that yummy goodness. 

Buy one of the said candy bars or any other one that melts nicely without chunky ingredients.
Flavored Coffee Creamer
One of those nice big Cocoa mugs you can get around CHRISTmas time.

Step 1:
Take a bite of the candy bar(3 Musketeer) and stick it to the middle of the cup.

 Step 2:
Pour a little flavored coffee creamer into the bottom of the cup.  I used chocolate caramel.

 Step 3:
Pour your coffee in right below the top of the candy bar.

 Step 4:
Squirt some cool whip and drizzle some chocolate and enjoy.

Now of course, you can't leave the kiddos out! 

We warmed up some milk and mixed some marshmallow cocoa powder in for the kids special drink.
Topped them with whip cream and chocolate/caramel drizzle. The kids enjoyed this very much!

Woohoo!  Today is the first day of Fall.  What a perfect way to cozy up with your family to celebrate this day than with a nice warm, chocolatey drink.

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