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Mommy Brain Picnic

So this past weekend we went in search for Looking Glass Falls in Pisgah National Forest that is not very far away from where we live.   We had the hopes of going on a picnic by the waterfall.  WELLLLL, we failed to grab the gps in all of our excitement to finally go on a trip to see a waterfall.  

Mommy brain moment 1: I packed all of the picnic stuff & didn't pack any water, because we normally ALWAYS stop at the store before we get anywhere to get cold drinks for our outings.

Mommy brain moment 2: I did not print or write out the directions like I normally do just in case.  In the mountains there is normally no signal of any kind for cell use.  We drove in the general direction of Pisgah National Forest in hopes of such a known area being on signs the closer we got.

Mommy brain moment 3:  I see the first sign for Pisgah National Forest and I am like YES!  We go down the road a little a then see a Picnic Area sign.  This was supposed to be a short little detour to sight see.  We went ahead and took a right onto this rocky dirt road.  Needless to say this road was extremely small...about 2 feet on either side of the car. It was in the middle of the forest foliage....we were above the height of many of the full grown trees on the right and not many on the left with a mountain view in the distance. 

This was the road on a spot where there was trees right on side of us for a short distance:

As we are about 15 minutes into our dirt road travel with hope of getting to the picnic area, we decided we would try to turn around because it was the longest dirt road we had ever been on.  Welp, that didn't happen because it was too small to turn around on without the possibility of falling off the side of the road into the forest abyss. 

We ended up being on this road for 18 miles(going about 20 mph).  40 minutes on a scary dirt road was definitely Mommy Brain Moment worthy moment #4; considering I failed to comprehend the 18 miles part on the picnic sign at the end of the road actually meant 13 miles away. 

*While on this extremely long dirt road my husband and I both happen to notice this old model white truck coming up pretty fast behind us and we kind of didn't say anything but watched curiously. Then my husband states, "Where did that truck come from?"  My reply was, " I am probably thinking the same thing you are thinking and I think we have watched a few too many scary woods movies."   Then all of a sudden the truck disappeared....not sure how or where it would have turned unless there was some kind of secret spot we missed.  Very laughable moment on both of our parts.

Okay so then we FINALLY get to this picnic area and go venturing out around the area.  We ended up driving to an area with a mountain called TABLE ROCK. 

South Side:
Photo taken on the opposite side of a parking lot, in the picnic area.  Was much taller than it actually looks.
I snapped a picture in the hopes of just having our picnic and there being some chance there was another way out besides the way we came in.  The parking lot was full of cars, and surely not everyone was able to get in that quickly on the same 13 mile dirt road we got there on.  My husband then decides he wanted to climb the mountain instead of having a picnic.  I was not prepared for mountain climbing but picnicking by a waterfall.   Being that I had a mommy brain moment previously and failed to pack waters just in case like I normally do but juice boxes and Yoo-Hoo's (known as Yahoo's by the kids)for the kids. 

We went up the mountain and the kids loved every moment of it.  This was our 2nd "hiking" trip so far as a family.

In the end we took a left and the other side was not as bad at the right side and only was 8.7 miles out.  Not to mention all of the other scenic stops was that way too.  We ended up entering on the wrong side.  Lesson learned:  No matter how silly my husband thinks it is to bring everything but the kitchen sink; I will do it anyway just in case. 

So this concludes my most recent major mommy brain moment. 

What is your most recent mommy brain moment??

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