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Funny Captioned Photos

Normally I do food on Fridays, but today I am in need of some serious uplifting so I am going with Friday funnies.

This is obviously a photo shop but I can't help but to laugh.  I was searching for a Wordless Wednesday pic and ran across this.  I first thought the little girl was running from the bubbles, but then I saw the Jersey Shore chick and then I saw the pickle and just had to save it. 

This is one serious look.

hehe what a caption.

Yes, Please! Such a little cutie.

For the love of football...even the cats in on it.  I think it is a cat.

This is one of the BEST songs ever!  A song that gets stuck in my head all of the time & cheers me up.

Seriously.  Don't you agree?

Hope your smiling.  Have a great weekend. 

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