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Relationship VS Friends

 What are the results that typically happen between 2 people whether in a relationship or friendship?
You are so alike that it becomes boring.
You mesh with one another perfectly.
You just can't stand to be around the other person.
You are so different that you can not find an even ground.
You are not interested in any of the same things.
You love that there is something different that you can learn and teach the other person every day.
  These differences of course always depending on each persons personality. 
The “Bad Attitude”
The “Mean-Spirited”
The “Curmudgeon”
(thinks of everyone but them self as incompetent)
The “Overly-Confident”
The “Loner”
The “Results-Driven”
The “Quiet”
The “Brainiac"
The “Talkative”
The “Sensitive"
The “Analyst”
The “Aggressive”
The “Considerate”
The "Competitive"
    In the end everyone is one or more:
Extroverted or Introverted
Sensing or intuitive
Thinking or Feeling
Judging or Perceiving
I can surely say my husband is my best friend and all of these things are important in our relationship.


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