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Diy Centerpiece and Table Runner

Martini Glass/Wine Glass
Fruit Jar
Baby Food Jar
Tea light holder 
Glass candle stick holder
Decorative Plate
Cinnamon sticks glued into a platform for the candle sitting on the empty fruit jar
Pine Cone
Popcorn Kernels
Cord from a gift bag
Artificial Fall Leaves
Champagne colored ribbon

I messed with a few options on a centerpiece and these are just the two that I ended up liking the best. You can always use what you have and make it your own.  I do have to admit something about this project.  I had scheduled an online chat in our mommy forums and I forgot about it until it had already started because I  just couldn't get that picture perfect shot I was looking for.  I quickly went to my laptop and turned it on to get to my really late chat session I had scheduled.  Bad me!  Well in the middle of pulling it up, I rubbed my itching eye. Guess what happened next?  In my hurry to get to the chat session I scheduled that I was over 30 minutes late for I failed to wash my hands off.  Yep, I had cinnamon stick stuff on my fingers and I wiped my eye, which now was on fire and watering!  I ran(wobbled with only one eye open) to the sink to wash my eye out and my hands off.  Lol, I know its funny and I laughed at myself in disbelief that I did that...well not really.  My eyeball ended up being just fine. 

Now on to that pretty little table runner sitting under the centerpiece.

Grab a role of brown craft paper from the Dollar Tree.

Trace out the shape you would like your table runner to be and use a X-acto tool to cut it out.

I went with this size due to our table having the ability to being extended from the center. With just the 2 sections it will overlap the ends of the table and with the inserts in, the tips will touch the ends of the table without overlapping.

I grabbed an old curtain, newspaper and white spray paint and headed outside.  The wind was kind of blowing pretty good so I put a few extra cans of paint on the ends to prevent it from blowing my curtain off.

That is Shiloh, our kitten I swear is kin to Garfield due to his eating ability.

I spray over the curtain back and forth until it was completely sprayed.  I waited for a minute and then I lifted the curtain off and this is what it looked like.

Here is a closer look.  It was my first time and I can tell I over sprayed or sprayed too closely on some spots, but it still turned out pretty good looking.

I had picked up a can of pearl spray paint on sale at Micheals the other day for a $1 so I lightly sprayed the surface, which gave it this look.

If you wanted to have a more natural look then you could just flip it over.  I am sure the more saturated the paint on the opposite side the more defined the back side would be.

I grabbed some .33 Sherry colored ribbon from A.C. Moore this week and really liked the color combination.  I used Flexible Glue{$3} on the scrap booking isle from Walmart that was labeled for paper and fabric use.  Trace and attach your ribbon after it is cut to size.  I didn't worry about passing a lighter over the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying because it will be glued down.

I glued the ribbon down while it was in this position:

All done......Happy Crafting! 

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