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For the Love of a Pine Cone

I know what a title!  Well, we went out to the flea market on this particular weekend a few towns away and decided we would go out on search for pine cones.   Growing up on the coast I was used to having pine trees EVERY WHERE.  I am originally from Bay Saint Louis, Ms & during the  Halloween season we used to put pine straw in the pumpkin bags because that is what we had. Funny I know.  Now we have SO many leaves, we don't know what to do with them.   It was a shock to me to move to a state that people actually pay for pine straw and they sell pine cones in Walmart.  I refuse to buy either one because my mom taught me early on some of the best crafting materials are found outside and I will just look for them. 
My husband is such a sweet heart he guaranteed me we would find some pine cones.  It also gave me an opportunity to take some more Fall foliage pictures.  I had it on the ole Fall Bucket list and I could officially mark it off.  The colors the trees turn are so beautiful.  If I could bottle the color as it is, I would.  So I wanted to share our trip with everyone.  You may not have the opportunity to experience the changing colors of Fall, so I am happy to bring it to you from the NC mountains.
I wish my camera would capture the true 3D effect of the mountains & how far they actually went up.
Most of these photos were taken while we were driving, so you will see the window and maybe a few reflections because it was cold and I couldn't get the window down fast enough.  I love it and we would probably live in the mountains rather than the foothills of the mountains if I wasn't so scared to death of the height/tiny roads on side of a mountain with certain death if you get knocked off the side.  The mountain have such beauty an aww factor to them.  The air is so fresh and crisp.  I was dead set on being nothing but a beach lover coming from the Gulf Coast, but I can say I am a lover of the mountains too now.
 We ended up quite a ways from home and see that 1st picture below?  Well, that is my wonderful husband that slid down the hill to grab some pine cones for me.  <3  He would do anything to make me happy.  Sorry if I am making you sick with the lovey dovey stuff.  We were on a little turn circle and happened to be on Moses Cone Overlook. 
I love jumping in the car and just going, because we just run into so many things we wouldn't otherwise find.  As I have said previously a few times, my husband is a driver for Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn etc... and he travels throughout the week and gets to see all of these awesome sites.  Normally he is on the east coast in the Raleigh area, but he once had the mountain route, so he knows where all of these wonderfully beautiful places of nature are.

We passed by some snow, which was great. This was right down the road from some horse trail, art center place but since we were parked right on side of the road on a pretty good slant I was too scared to get out or let the kids get out and play in the snow.  It hasn't snowed here where we live yet, but I am sure it is coming.  Finally, on our way home we passed by the Black Bear General Store.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE little stores like this on the side of the road in some little town.
We obviously had a fun time as you can see in our day out in search of pine cones.  I hope you enjoyed our family trip photos!  By now, I am sure you have figured out that plenty of pine cone crafts are on the way.  Pine cones are so awesome.  So many things can be done with them.  Not only did I get them for free but had some wonderful family quality time.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a great end of November.

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