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Me, Myself and I link up Party

My Beautiful, Crazy Life
Its been a while since I have linked up...I know bad me.  I am on it now. I ran across while browsing my bloggers read list and saw it on the Life of the Wife post preview.
I love the questions this month!
My top favorite movies to watch during the holidays are:
How the Grinch that stole Christmas (cartoon and movie)
The Christmas Classics and have been since I was little
The Polar Express
A Christmas Carol
The Christmas Story

I have so many more but I will stick to just the top ones, that I look forward to watching the most....with the kids of course. 
This month of Giving Thanks I am most thankful for: 
Well, I can't really answer this question how it is asked.  I am thankful for each and every blessing we get each and every day.  I am thankful for having a happy and healthy family the most.

If there would be a quote or a verse to describe your life, it would be:
 I have quite a few different personalities.  Not literally, but I feel like it sometimes.
I feel this in my heart which gives me the push shove I sometimes need.
- Wall Quotes Canvas Banner
Self explanitory.
Pinned Image
True story happens to me all the time and I think it is an effect of my procrastination.
This happens all too often...
I think that this is why my husband and I mesh so well.
Beautiful People
 I over analize everything.
I have been guilty of this.
That is me in a nutshell. 

Hmmm, who in my family am I most like?
I would have to say:
 My mom, because she is artsy and crafty, has a big heart and loves her family.  She does what she can and is happy with that.
I thought you would never ask! lol.  My favorite Starbucks drink to order is...{drumroll}:
A white chocolate mocha with vanilla soy, extra espresso and pumpkin sauce. 
My other favorite is the Espresso Truffle with soy and extra shot of espresso.
Those are my 5 answers for this link up and I hope you were slightly entertained.  I am kidding. Thanks for stopping by though.
Oh, and I am having my very own little blog hopping linky party if you would like to join!

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