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Heather @ Cookies for Breakfast & The Memoirs of Megan is having a linky party and I wanted in.
My mommy confession of the week is:
Teach or Learn?
My son refuses to sing his ABC's even after me saying them over and over again until the point of seriously disliking every letter.  He is 4 and should be able to sing it.  I try not to get frustrated but it happens.  He can tell me a whole conversation from a cartoon or lyrics from a song but he can't do the ABC's .  Finally I resorted to You Tubing ABC song and worked on my blog while clicking back and forth every 2 minutes for a new one.  I know I have a ABC cd somewhere around here.  Next time I am going to use the headphones so he can not think about anything else so hopefully that way will help him.  The moments of having to walk away and take a breather happen more than I like to admit.  How does something like this even happen?
Now on to my daughter Kaylei who is a 2nd grader.  She is doing excellent in every subject and has a citizenship score of 102 and it only goes to 100 so she has the nice, polite, friendly, respectful thing down.  She loves reading and books in general.  What's the problem then?  Well, it is that she is having a problem with the written comprehension part.  Some of the questions I am even unsure of what the answers are because the questions are asking for answers that are not even in there.  I know it sounds dumb but its a huge issue right now.  She also can recite an entire song, cartoon or movie but she can not answer the questions from the story.  Some of them are easy but there is like 20 questions to ask but yet the book may be 10 pages.  Those moments of explaining and re explaining give me those serious GRRRR moments.  She likes to tell you what the entire book was about for every question, which is obviously wrong.  Same thing I have to walk away or make her get up and go away.
I really have to find some kind of solution to these teaching fails so I don't have melt down sessions each time from me and them.  I need to learn to teach in a more effective way, but I am at a loss in how to.  Bad mommy moments happen more with these 2 things than anything else.

 I am doing my first Social Linky Party today and I would love for you to be a part of it.

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