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Cardstore~ Customizable and Easy

I know you guys have seen the gazillions of ads floating around for cardstore on your internet surfing and searching.  Good ads though!  I think this is absolutely the best card site I have experienced hands down.  Obviously, I have a problem with doing things early; which makes this site perfect for me.  You can pretty much do anything you want and make your card your own.  Wait, let me take that back~ You CAN create anything you want.   The prices are super budget friendly, its effortless, it is quick and works with your schedule not against it. 

I mean really who likes going to the card isle searching the never ending amount of cards in the store?  I have 2 little ones and I tell you it is not fun trying to find that special card and wrangle in my 2 little ones and try to prevent them from pulling every single card within reaching length down & finding new homes for them on the card isle and not to mention opening and closing the singing cards over and over.  Fun times, right!

Let me share with you a little bit about!  Don't laugh at me now, I recently learned about the snipping tool feature on my computer and I am obsessed with it. 

Taking a stroll down cardstore lane, so sit tight and enjoy. By time you get to the bottom if you haven't been there yet, I promise you won't be able to help to go on over there.  Well, I am basically bringing them to you. = )

The highest card is $3.29- You can barely get a great card at the store for that price and everything is already done and it is not personalized.  Jotting down some lovely words, throwing in a few photos that will fall out when the card is opened up and so on is nice but having it all together all pretty and neat is priceless. It will that much more special!

{Click for larger image}

Tons of options for any kind of card! It even tells you how you can personalize it without clicking a thing.

All you have to do is register. 
So many options, I could spend just as much time on here as I do on the card isle in the store and come out having something I love and not having store rage.  I know you get it too!

Type a signature or scan your own....WIN! WIN!
Each section can be personalized with different fonts, colors and even sizes.

You can upload your pictures from your computer or facebook.  How neat!

It is super easy and I didn't feel lost one time.  Normally, I am like do I do this or that.  You can even review it as many times as you want. It saves to your profile and you can finish it at any time that is convenient for you.  You don't have to worry about starting all over.  You can send it or you can set it to be sent. Easy Peezy!

Brian from asked me to let you guys know what I thought of the customizing and ordering process.  Brian- We tried to make it so easy, even a cat can do it… J  and he was right on. (cute cat making one) I often get frustrated with ordering things online, so I just don't.  This was an extremely easy and enjoyable process for me.   That is why I just had to share all the little snippets with you.  Seeing is believing. 

* I love the ease, pricing, customizing options-especially the font,colors and sizes, and the options to be sent out. I didn't find anything I disliked. Consider Me Inspired received a card to review the process via

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