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Jinx...Poke, You Owe Me a Coke!

So this is the game my 4 year old and 7 year old have been having lots of fun with.  We were sitting around the table playing Christmas songs from you tube on the ipod and for 3 songs in a row it was Jinx....poke, you owe me a coke.  My 4 year old is looking at his sister trying to judge the exact time she was going to sing the next word so he could say it quick and poke her and saying she owes him a coke in between his giggles.  They took turns doing this back and forth and do every day lately.  This is the first year they have actually wanted to sing the songs and are getting the words.  They probably know more Christmas songs than I do.  I know words here and there but very few whole songs.

It is that and punch buggy, no punch back.  Unfortunately, there are very few REAL punch buggy bugs left.  We say the newer ones really don't count, but that does not stop them from popping each other.  One of them normally always gets mad at one another because they didn't see it first and then they shout they are not playing so stop it.

The other thing they do ALL of the time is the racing to the car game.  The rules are they have to get to their door, get in and get buckled up and that is the winner.  They instantly shout I won when the hit their door before the other one.  It is non stop around here.  Most of the time it is actually pretty funny.  The exception is the times when they are not having fun but whining and pouting because the other won.  The goal is to help them understand that it is okay to lose, to have good sportsmanship and also to try harder if they want to win.  No harm in that right?

They have the most fun when their dad is home though.  I am not one to take part in the wrestling and other little things they do with and to each other.  Some of it is gross, but they love it and its quality time they get to spend with their daddy when he is home. 

Does your family participate in games that you once played when you were a kid?  We used to do punch buggy, no punch back, jinx, indian burns and froggin' each other.  At the time it was 1 sister and my brother when we did this.

Happy Holidays

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