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Repurpose Old Books into Christmas Ornaments

Find a book that has pretty good sized pages.  Medium to large books are better.  Fold the page in half toward the center to see the size of the loop.  Cut the same length as a medium sized ribbon.  Run an X-acto tool along side the size you need to make a nice cut. 


12- 5/8" page sections
5/8" wide ribbon: cut into the length of the page
Choose your colors and decide how many pages you want looped or open
Jute cord
Hot glue
Accessories you want like tied ribbon, bell, cut outs etc.
I taped the end of the ribbon with the page: see photo 1
Start with one piece of looped ribbon & put a dot of hot glue on the bottom
& attach the next loop until all the loops are hot glued together:see photo 4
Pull about 8" of Jute & tie a knot around the end & place in the center of the ornament: see photo 4
Cut 2 pieces of ribbon and X them {shorter than sides} :see photo 5
Attach your ribbon and bell to the front of the ornament.
*If your ornament is wanting to go forward put the bottom of the jute on either side of one loop with a small amount of hot glue.

Happy Holidays.

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