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DIY~ Felt and Crochet Flower Hair Clips

After Christmas  I picked up a few random felt flowers, crochet flower pins and paper flower accessories on sale for only .50 at Micheals.  I am always on the look out for a great deal.  I went into the store for little 110 piece art sets for 2.49 and came out with a bag full.  Little note books, magnet note pads, pencils, smelly hand soap and other stuff.   I did buy the pencils for Kaylei's pencil box.  The little note books, magnet note pads, soaps, art sets and a pack of pencils, along with a bunch of other stuff went in a bin for the the local Battered Women and Children's Shelter so it really was worth it and it always feels really good to give back.  I can only hope that it made someones day a little brighter to get a goody bag for the holidays and to know someone was thinking about them.
How to make your own........

Remove pins from the back of the crochet flower by cutting the little strip of yarn it is attached with.
Hot glue felt flowers on top and that part is done.

Alligator hair clips- Put a small hot glue dot on the top of the hair clip and attach a little strip of ribbon.  Wrap the ribbon around all the way to the end and wrap back down until you get to the same place you started. Place a small dot of hot glue at the end to secure and cut the ribbon.

*Repeat on the have to stick a finger in the alligator clip to make it remain open so the top and bottom are not glued together and so you can wrap the top.

 Pretty thrifty and easy enough! 
I may have gotten all of them for the same price as just one of those on sale in a retail shop.

Happy Crafting!

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