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Faux Mercury Glass Candle Holder Tutorial

Okay guys, I wanted to show ya'll how I did the Faux Mercury on some glass jars when I was working with the glass bells.  The bell didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to but it gave me a chance to turn it into my own.  A more open candle hold turned out beautifully.

Clean out what you are wanting to spray.  I practiced on a empty baby food jar and a empty fruit jar. 

 -I grabbed a candle holder from the $1 tree for my keeper.
-A can of Looking Glass Mirror spray
- 1 oz spray bottle with 50/50 vinegar-water mix
-paper towel, soft cloth or q-tip

Everything I have read says spray it....but be careful because it is super thin and it runs.  No room for error.  I don't see how every person I have ever seen that has recreated this look is perfectly clean.   I suppose maybe it is a skill/experience thing, but before I was done my hand looked like I was turning into the tin man.  Learning experience for sure.  With the bigger holder, spraying further away produced the best effect. 

Here is the process:

This is after 2 layers of spray.  See my silver hand?  You should have seen it by the end of all the spraying.

 This is what it looks like as it is drying. As soon as it dries spray again.  Spray about 8-10 times.

 Completed spray.  The mirrored look is really pretty too.  As soon as it dries spray with your 50/50 solution.

50/50 water-vinegar spray & a dampened cloth/paper towel with the solution.  Let it sit for as long as you let it dry and softly rub your dipped paper towel across the surface in order to get your effect. Let it sit for a min or two then start.   If it is not the effect you are wanting then do another spray and do it again.  Bigger beads=bigger effect.

 I was happy with this effect with the bigger bubbles.

Give 1 to 2 more sprays to give a nice effect so it is not open spots.

I am sure you noticed that there are 3 different jars.  I guess I had inhaled too much paint fumes and it seriously made me really loopy and I got a super bad headache. I sprayed outside and went back in after it dried but the smell is super strong so if you try it stay outside. It was super cold and I was being my normal self...a procrastinator.   I AM working on that and am seeing some progress.  I wanted the bells finished before my daughter returned to school for teacher/principal gifts which was the next day; then Christmas break. However, I do plan on doing this again in the future when it gets warmer out.  I love the look of it.  I have a feeling that it can only get better from here...right.

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