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Give Yourself a Pat on the Back- Organizing

Don't you just love moments like that!  I have been on such a productive role lately.  I am actually getting things done.  I decided I was responsible for my own undoing....all of the moments of being overwhelmed with everything around me.  Seriously, I am the type of person that starts on one project and before you know it the entire house is a disaster area.  It is not that I do it intentionally, but I under estimate the actual amount of time it really takes to organize all of the stuff.  Too many things, not enough space.  This house was perfect for us when we moved here almost 5 years ago, but now we have out grown it.  When the house was built it just seems like it really wasn't meant for a "family".  It is a great size, just missing many things.  Anyhoo, I will get off of that subject because it is never ending.

Over the years I have collected many kinds of bins, containers, baskets and many other organizational tools to make everything better.  The set up is just not right and even though it is nice and neat it still just doesn't look "organized".  I am going to continue to search for a method to my madness. 

This is what I have been up to the last few days...well the days my husband was at work.  He helped out with some of the harder moving Sunday, which was much appreciated.

Since Last Week:
Bleached the counters
Cleaned the microwave
Cleaned the chandelier light in LR 
Organized the bookshelf in the hallway
85% complete on organizing the shelf set up in the living room{BIG project}
I pulled all of my magazines & started sticky noting the things I have held on to them for
I also starting working on a detailed time schedule draft
Got some Mommy Group stuff done
Moved around the Living room
Moved around our bedroom
Got everything that didn't need to be out put up out the way
Got little mans race car bed to Once Upon a Child for cash
Had nice planned out meals for the weekend
Got some exercise in....WIN!

OH AND THE BEST ONE.....I not only have not missed one days blog posting on my normal M-F schedule but I also managed to get one in on Saturday...which I normally don't do.  Last Saturday my own and for now on I will be doing a "Saturday Creations Spotlight" for some nice fellow blogger mingling.  I mean I have got to be doing something right if it working.

I figured out that for me it is actually hard to document the amount of time throughout my day.   Being on the SAHM schedule I have been on....well I really just have the mommy and wife to do list.  I do need to get better at spreading out my time and getting more done. Fitting everything together.  I finally think I am on to something that works for me.  

I am in my Analyze/Declutter/Organize stage.

What have I been doing:  Secluding my projects and preventing myself from moving from the given project until it is complete or at a productive pausing point.  If the given project should need to stretch to a different room...I just put it there and go back to what I was doing.  I did tend to mix rooms slightly this weekend but it's not a biggie.

What is working for me:  Instead of scheduling things a month out and the plans changing, I decided per week is working the best.  I find I have more control within a week than the month.  Plans are on a simpler and a more workable layout.

Progress not Perfection!

How is your goals for the New Year going?

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