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Inspirational & Guilt free~ Strawberry Cheesecake


1 cup of FF Cottage Cheese- Blend until smooth
+ 1.5 blocks of room temp. Fat Free Cream Cheese- Blend 30 sec. scrap down
+ 1 Tbl Pure Vanilla Extract & 3 Tbl Sugar- Blend
+ 6 egg whites- Blend

Pour into your Graham Cracker Crust and bake for 15 or until center firms in a 350 degree oven.
Let cool 15 min. before placing lid back on pie and placing in the fridge for 2 hours.

Cut into 8 sections and serve with a good dollop of FF Cool Whip and some strawberries.

Serves  people
Great Value - Fat Free Cream Cheese, 1.5 container (8 oz, 28g ea.)360240482,04024Ico_delete
Breakstone - Cottage Cheese Low Fat 113 g, 226 g1801452080010Ico_delete
Great Value Sugar - Fine Granulated, 9 tsp1353600036Ico_delete
Sunny Farms - Large Grade A Egg - White Only , 6 white10800243300Ico_delete
Great Value - Graham Cracker Pie Crust, 1/8 crust11014511156Ico_delete
Kraft - Cool Whip Free - Tub - Fat Free Whipped Topping,  1 tbsp (9g)820031Ico_delete
Strawberries - Raw, 1.5 cup, halves731812211Ico_delete
1 TBL- Vanilla Extract- 0 Calories      

Per Serving:1221411241111

If you are looking to reduce the calories even more.....Use a Reduced Fat Graham Cracker Pie Crust and sugar substitutes.   I would probably add another teaspoon of sugar to this recipe.  : )

* I have been REALLY scared (like panic mode) thinking of eating something like this with a cottage cheese replacement.  I do eat cottage cheese but something in my head says sweet and cottage cheese don't mix.  I have to eat it with pepper and never any kind of fruit.  It actually made me more open to trying the cottage cheese pancake recipe I have.  I know, I am a weirdo...but I can accept that. 

When I made it, I had no idea that it was so low in calories.  It didn't taste bad either.  Calorie results via MY FITNESS PAL recipe plug in.   I was really happy that I was able to have cheesecake and that same week I LOST 6.2 pounds. : )  Talk about inspirational. 

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