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Random Acts of Kindness with Chocolate

We got together for a Valentines Day Hoopla with fellow mommas at the park to celebrate.  I thought how else to celebrate and spread cheer to others by giving out free chocolate.  The kids ran around and handed out Hershey kisses with our url on it.  Spreading the word of our group was a plus.  

This was the box I made for neighbors; my little ones and my big one(hubby). 
Each Hershey kiss is wrapped in a mini cupcake wrapper and taped around the top with the Hershey kiss paper sticking out the top.  The personalized ones are regular sized cupcake wrappers with 2 kisses in them. 

My son did a wonderful job helping put kisses in each paper and twisting them for me to tape.  He loved being able to help out.  He said "Momma, we should have a treat for doing something nice".  It made me laugh and I told him "Yeah, your right we are working hard huh".  : )  He said "Shooo, it IS hard work".  The things a 4 year old says.  He is awfully creative in trying to get some treats.

We hope you guys had a lovely heart day.

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