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Crockpot Grilled BBQ Steak

What do you do with your left over steak?  Well, if you have any left that is.  These steaks were in the freezer and needed to be cooked.  Every once in a while a pack of meat gets lost in there and in order to save it from the trash we cook it up.  We happened to be grilling that weekend, so I pulled them out so we could grill them.  The next day I put them in crockpot and let the crockpot do all the work.  

 I put them in the pot when I went to bed on low and in the morning they were all done and ready to get shredded and sauced up just in time for my hubby to have some yummy bbq sandwiches for lunch.  

I toasted the buns a little in the toaster oven and Voila, this is what you get!  I wrapped them up and packed them in my husbands lunchbox for work.  He appreciated and loved them so much that is the first thing I heard from him when he got home that night. : )  Score...brownie points for this lady!

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