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Chocolate Bunnies Smores

The chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies that is.  

I have been seeing everyone do the peep smores and we don't really eat peeps much, BUT my husband is a fan of chocolate covered marshmallows.  To me a smore is not a smore without all that melted chocolaty goodness smashed right in there with the gooey marshmallows.  That is another reason why peeps just will not work for our little treat~ no chocolate.   I have been wanting to make these for over 2 weeks, & I just never got around to it.

So without further ado Ta Da the Chocolate Covered Bunny Smore has been invented in the Perdew house! : )  I figure why eat the Easter candy regular when you can make it extraordinary..right.   Quick and easy.  I popped them in the toaster over at 200 for about 10 minutes or so and smashed away.  Just watch it and it should be fine.

How is the Easter candy stash going at your house?

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