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Jeans For Justice- Project for The Art Museum!

Power Jeans- One Piece At  A Time

What is Jeans for Justice?

 I am super excited that my jeans got selected to be displayed in the museum.  Not all jeans are sent to be displayed before auction.....I didn't know that until I actually turned them in and was so happy when they sent me the email letting me know that they were selected.  Now, all I can do is hope that someone bids a nice amount on them at the auction so it will be a great amount going back to the center.  Keep your fingers crossed for this pair of jeans.   So, now you know what I did them for and here is a little closer look.

I thank you for taking a look at the piece I did for this event.  I try to volunteer as much as I possibly can.  I hope to help another that may need some hope or help in breaking their silence. Volunteering with the Rape Crisis Center and the local Battered Women's and Children's Shelter are both dear to my heart cause wise.  I am a survivor of both and just love giving back where I can.  We also donate to our local Soup Kitchen as well when we can. Something we try to teach our children about is giving back to the community and doing good.  It really feels good to help. 

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