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Overnight Southwestern Crockpot Breakfast

Put some butter at the bottom to prevent the potatoes from getting hard
Shredded Red Potatoes- 4
Mushrooms, Red Peppers, Green Peppers, Onions-2 cups
Add Salt and Pepper if you like
Sausage- 4 links
Eggs- 12
Green Chilies- 1 4 oz. can
Cheese- 2 cups

Set on low for around 5 hours.  I know that is not overnight, but I guess my crockpot cooked faster.  You could try it on warm for a bit. Due to my husbands work schedule I am up at 3:15 and I wanted it to be done for him to be able to eat.   I just turned it off and at 6:30 it was still warm and ready for us to eat for breakfast.  You could always throw a spoon of salsa on it and call it done. :)  Easy enough, right! 

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