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Make a Pancake Bar for Breakfast

Yes, indeed!  My husband wanted pancakes for breakfast and everyone always wants something different in theirs.  I came up with the perfect solution; a pancake bar!  I went searching around the kitchen and grabbed all of the ingredients I could think of to add to pancakes.  This was a huge hit at our house.  I was going to surprise them when I called them to come and put their ingredients in their pancakes, but my husband figured out something was up.  He says "Whatcha doin'?" The surprise was busted.  He was so happy he instantly came walking in the kitchen to let me know what he wanted in his pancakes.  The kids were so excited and all giggly because they got to have chocolate in their pancakes.   I wanted them to be a part of it, so I let them stand right on side of me(super supervised) and sprinkle what they wanted on their pancakes before I flipped them.  I know after this pancake bar we can never go back to regular pancakes at our house.   

So what did everyone choose?  (the kids are upside down so they could see everything)

Hubby's man cakes
Oreo and Granola
Oreo, Granola, Coconut, Marshmallows

Kaylei's baby cakes
Strawberry, Coconut, Chocolate Chips, Oreo
Oreo, Strawberry, Marshmallow- She made this one look like a smiley face with hair!
Strawberry, Oreo, Marshmallow, 1 blueberry

Little Gerry's baby cakes
Blueberry, Strawberry, Oreo, Chocolate Chips
Blueberry, Chocolate Chip and Marshmallow
Chocolate Chip, Marshmallow, Cookie, Blueberry

Momma cakes
Blueberry, Strawberry, Granola, a sprinkle of Chocolate Chips and Oreo with a pinch of coconut all mixed up together and then poured on the skillet.

How does your family like their pancakes?

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