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Silhouette Melted Crayon Art

I tried the whole melted crayon art out around 2011 and I have to say it is harder than it looks.  This is my results.  Maybe I did it right, maybe I didn't but I gave it a go.  I grabbed my hair dryer, glue, poster board and I had to buy a bunch of boxes of crayons just to be able to get a large enough line of crayons for the poster board.  I placed a little super glue under each crayon and stuck it on the matte side of the poster board.  
I placed my poster board with my glued crayons propped up against the wall.   I used a vinyl table cloth and newspaper for protection.  Glue your silhouettes down so the crayon will go along the shape.   Turn your hair dryer on and start the melting process.   Start around the middle of the crayon and it will start melting and running down and you will get your designs.  I did it on the high setting to start the melting process and the crayon paper will get darker and it will start the run.  Once it does that, turn it down to low and pull the dryer back at a further distance to prevent too fast melting and splattering.

*I had a few of the no name brand crayons mixed in with the crayola crayons.   Crayola crayons have a thicker and more controllable melting process.  The cheaper crayons splatter easier and has a more watery and runny try not to use those.   I did mine inside, but would advise to try to do it outside with your dryer plugged in through the window.   Once the melting process starts, it goes pretty quickly.   Do one small section at a time.  Control where your crayons melting run with the dryer.  If you want it to stop them quickly put the dryer towards the end of the running wax to dry it.  Watch out for wax splatters, they are super hot. 

I have seen plenty of forms of just the colors of melted crayon art and the ones with photos under it like the one with the little girl and the melted crayon art rain, so I decided to try something different.  These are the silhouettes I choose to work with.  I was actually trying to make a piece of framed art for my husband.   I wanted the crayon to melt over the silhouette and then I was going to remove them, but it didn't work like that.  So that is why I said glue instead of tape.  You will more than likely get a better result.

It is actually easier to see in person, in the photos it is a little harder to distinguish the outlines in at least 2 of the photos.  I still was happy to have tried the project the one time.  :)

Have you ever tried doing the melted crayon art?  

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