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Diy~ Magnetic Meal Planner

So easy your kids could make it or at least help out with it to get their excitement up.

I figured I am ALWAYS making schedules and jotting things down on the expo board, my purse notebook, big notebooks or typing it in my tablet or phone and for some reason I just can NEVER stick to the schedule.  Every part of me wants to be an organized person.  There is that old saying "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em".....well that is not me.  I tend to stick with I know or in this case, it really comes down to me having to adjust to how I am and make something work with my current....never being able to stick to a schedule personality.   First thing is first....before anything else everyone has to eat and cooking is something I just can't get away from so I decided to start there first. 

What you need:

A magnetic Expo board
Print outs of your meal clip art
1 sided self-laminating sheets
Magnet backs

*Once you decide what kind of images you want to go with your meal planner then print them out.
*Next, smooth them on your self-laminating sheets and cut them out
*Put the sticky part of your magnet on the back of your cut out
*Put it on your expo board and jot down the times for you meal schedule and what you are having.

If it needs to be changed then you can change it by simply rearranging your magnets OR just erasing.  I like this option because it really saves on buying paper...helping save some trees!  

The great thing about it is my 7 year old is always asking what did you put in my lunch box mom...well now she can have some extra reading and know what is in her lunch box.  She will know all she has to do is look at the board.
Sorry, it is a little messy.  I was in a hurry and jotted it down quickly.  Sometimes it comes out neat and sometimes it doesn't, but either way this is the basics of what we are doing.  

A little more about our daily routine:

My husband leaves for work around 3:30 am and gets home any where in between 4-8, so he has super long days.  At the time I made this board my daughter was still in school and I make her lunches rather than buying them or her eating at school.  Once school starts I will have 2 little ones with lunches plus my husbands.  Our schedule changes pretty often and our times are adjustable with this board, which really works for me.  

How do you organize all of your meals for the week?

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