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Strawberry Shortcake TastyKakes~ Recipe

Strawberry Shortcake is really a staple of Summer.  No matter how you make it as long as it has those yummy ingredients, it makes any hot day better.  They were really delicious and we added a bit of a twist to our Strawberry Shortcakes as usual.  Last time was the Strawberry Shortcake Poke Cake!

Alright, let's get started on the how to!

Fresh Strawberries- 2 packs
Whipped Topping- 1 tub{in the fridge}
Sugar Free Fat Free Strawberry Jello- {1box} 4 cup pack
Vanilla Pudding- {1box} 2 cup milk pack
TastyKake Shells- 3 packs

This recipe makes- 18 Shortkakes

Step 1:
Slice and wash your strawberries.

Step 2:
Prepare your jello per the package directions- boil 2 cups water; mix with gelatin and 2 cups cold water; refrigerate.  Mix your strawberries into the gelatin and put in the fridge.

*To make this work you only refrigerate until the jello is starting to set but is a thick liquid.  Pull it out of the fridge so the jello process stops.  By time this happens, your dessert will be ready to put together.

Step 3:
Mix your vanilla pudding per the package directions.  Once you are done mixing, put it in the fridge for about  15 minutes to thicken a bit.  Once done, you will put 1 tablespoon of pudding in each shell and place your pan in the freezer until the pudding is freezing cold but not frozen.  I put ours in for about 15 minutes.  I did not place a covering on them because the pudding would have gotten all over it.  I did like a flash freeze without the freezing. :)

Step 4:
Last step!  Now that every thing is nice and cold it is time to put it all together.  Spoon about 2 tablespoon of your strawberry gel over each vanilla pudding topped tastykake when you serve.  Only put it on when you are ready to eat or it will get soggy.  Spoon a dollop of whipped topping on and you are ready to dig in.

Enjoy yet another version of the ever so delicious strawberry shortcake to cool off any day! I hope ya'll are enjoying your Summer and staying cool.  :)

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