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Getting to Know Cate from Random Crafty Georgia Girl

Hey Consider Me Inspired readers! I'm Cate from Random Crafty Georgia Girl! I'm a thirty one year old Wife, Christian, Blogger,Crafter, Vlogger,Cat Mommy, Oz Lover, Scrapbooker, Sweet Tea Addict, Atlanta Braves Fan, Indy Colts Fan, Random Crafty Georgia Girl.
 {picture of Mr. RCGG and me} Random Crafty Georgia Girl is Craftiness with a little bit of Randomness. I share craft tutorials, some recipes, and just some every day randoms of what goes on in the RCGG life. I have a monthly feature called Operation Be More Crafty where I share a craft that I want to do for the month. I usually try to post what the craft will be at the beginning of the month and then the finished craft at the end of the month. I still have to post July's finished craft and then share what I will be making for August. You can check out my previous craft posts on my blog's Operation Be More Crafty tab! You can find me on : Facebook Twitter Pinterest Bloglovin (you can click on my bloglovin button in the sidebar.) Instagram (@rndmcrftygagrl) We found this beautiful dresser at an auction a couple months ago and thought it would be perfect for our room! I am really excited about it because it has a mirror and we have never had a mirror in our room!
Anyways, this dresser is a light color, but all the furniture in our bedroom is a dark brown color. So Mr. RCGG is sanding the light color off and staining it the same color as our other furniture. We are leaving the top the light color though to give it a little bit of a contrast!
 Mr. RCGG sanded the dresser drawers on Saturday. He used the power sander and it only took him a few hours. On Sunday he started sanding the dresser! We are still working on the staining because it has been rainy and a little cooler than it should be for mid August so please come back and check out how the dresser turns out! I hope to have it done and in our room by the end of the week! Thanks so much for having me guest post today! It has been a pleasure and I hope you stop by my blog and check it out! 

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