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My Top Motivational Fitness Sayings

I have been doing really well with my weight loss and every once in a while I will have a down day.  I am very fortunate to not have had too many of those unspeakable days. It has been raining and gloomy out and the housework seems never ending. School will be starting soon and my plate is full. Getting my workout in is normally something that I can easily work in some time throughout the day. Adjusting to a new way of living really is where it is at and what is making my weigh loss easier than any previous time. On those days, I really need a kick in the rear.

Normally, popping my ear buds in and jamming out helps get my working out juices flowing. With both of my kiddos hanging out, ear buds are usually out of the question. I find that motivational sayings like the ones below rock my day out. 

This is from my short lived running phase.

Okay, what a fantastic set of motivational clips! I may have seen a few of these on some of your pages and I thank you for that. Do you have a favorite? What motivates you?

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