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6 Tips for Creating a Chic Bedroom~ Guest Post by 4 Interior Design

4 Interior Design
 Hi I am Jessica Christian and I am a design fanatic. I am thankful to Amy for letting me do this guest post today. I hope you all enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it. You can get more of me at 4 interiordesign.

6 Tips for Creating a Chic Bedroom
Having a chic bedroom is wonderful. Coming home after a trying day and shutting out the world as you go into your stylish and beautifully appointed bedroom can work like a balm to shattered nerves. If your bedroom is anything but stylish and chic, you may be surprised at how easy it is to achieve the desired effect.

1 No Clutter

Try to clear away any clutter. If your room is used as a dumping ground from other rooms, put a stop to that straight away! Return items to the place they belong or give to the people or person who uses them the most. If no-one wants the item, bin it, give it away or sell it! Hide any clutter behind soothing plain doors or hanging curtains as this gives an instant superficial tidiness to the whole room. Book cases that are piled untidily with magazines, ornaments and heaps of books waiting to be read can be tucked behind a dressing-room screen, wardrobes and cupboards should be kept closed at all times and any open nooks that are not pleasing to the eye can be hidden behind a curtain. 

2 Go Bright

Use at least two cheerful contrasting colours with a more neutral base to make the bedroom pop. Bright turquoise or teal teamed with majestic purple or shocking pink against a soft cream background make a lively and eye-catching theme for a room. Chocolate and crimson can be teamed with a softer tan or beige for a more masculine combination, and orange and royal blue add vivacity to a plain white room. There are endless combinations and it is surprising how well colors will work together if given the chance! My favorite shop for bright bedding options is yorkshirelinen

3 Something a Bit Different!

Add unusual features to the room to create a significant focal point. A large cushion shaped like kissing lips or a series of small, perfectly circular cushions draw the eye and capture the imagination, instantly adding style to any bedroom. Unusual cushions can be found designersguild

4 Big and Bold Bedding

Choose bedding that is a size bigger than necessary for your bed. A single bed can easily take bedding for a three-quarter bed, and a queen-size double bed looks great with king-size bedding. With the duvet draped completely over the bed and halfway to the floor, the room looks welcoming, comfortable, and, in some indefinable way, more chic! Bigger bedding is also great when no-one is looking – you have all that extra yardage to wrap yourself up snugly! 

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5 Art

In your bedroom add one distinctive piece of artwork. Think of the look of a pop art poster against a plain wall and that is the effect to strive for. Choose large but relatively simple, uncluttered pieces to place over the bed. These deceptively plain pictures actually add a great depth and interest to your room, without being too busy or distracting.

                                                                     Image Source

6 Built-In Storage
Fitted storage units such as wardrobes give any room very clean lines. Even though you may lose a foot or more of physical space in the room, the uncluttered lines and smooth finish of the built-in cupboards will make the room appear much bigger. A well designed fitted cupboard seems to hide itself – especially when it is painted or papered to match the walls - whereas a stand-alone piece of furniture will also be noticeable. etc – cleans lines and makes room seem spacious and well designed. 
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These six tips can help you create the secure and welcoming haven that everyone deserves. Examine your bedroom and work out what it needs to be fabulous!

Guys, Jessica has such a beautiful webpage and you really would be missing out if you did not go over there and check it out. Go be inspired by her fabulous creations and ideas! A big thanks to Jessica for guest posting with us today and enlightening us with her design brilliance! Please be sure to stop by and give her some comment love and follow her. 

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