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First Month of School Pictures!

Our daughter is in 3rd and our son has started Kindergarten! So exciting and scary at the same time. Kaylei is always ready for school to start and to make new friends. Little Gerry(Jerry), well he was a bit nervous and he was so excited. I wanted to share with ya'll our photos for the beginning of school. I see really creative back to school photos all of the time and I wanted to try my hand at a cute back to school pic. 

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My hubby couldn't see him go to school for the first day because he was working. So we did the daddy walk on one of our trips to the school. He does a great job reassuring our kids and making them feel safe when they are going into a new situation. 

He sticks his hands in his pockets when he gets nervous. My mom gave me a fantastic idea to help him out on his first day. I will share that with you soon. 


He wanted to ride the bus the very first day. Since I am bit of a helicopter parent and he has been with me 24/7 for at least 3 years it was hard for me to let go. He rode the bus the 2nd week of school and he has done well. Luckily, I got to walk him to class the first few days of school and then I let his big sister take the reigns. Right now they are okay with being seen touching. <3 my little kiddos. 

How are your kids doing in school? Are they liking it so far? Are they looking forward to school if they are not in school yet?

This is the book we read right before school and the little song got stuck in our heads.

*Butterscotch Pineapple Upside Down Cake via Central Foothills Mommies....check it out.

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