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Rea's {DIY} Tablet Case~ You Dont' Want to Miss It!

Hello Consider Me Inspired readers!  Very thrilled to be here sharing my {DIY} Tablet Case!  Thank you Amy.  

But let me tell you a little bit about me & my blog.  

My name is Rea from HomeFor4SweetHome.  
I am a mother of two beautiful children, a 5-year old boy and a 2-yr old girl and a wife to one awesome husband.
- that's the "for 4" in my blog name - the Mr., the lil boy, the lil girl & me.  

I like to bring out the prettiness out of an ugly thing or make something that is already pretty even prettier.  Would try to diy first before buying or contracting & it makes me happy to live in an organized home.  

Come visit my blog if you're all about organizing, diy-ing, painting, repurposing, home decor, kids crafts & random fashion posts.   
diy tablet sleeve
How To {DIY} Tablet Case:

I started with ironing the fabric so that it will not be as wrinkled when it's done.  Then I cut the bubble wrap outlining my tablet, this will serve as a cushion for my tablet.
diy tablet sleeve
Then I also cut my fabric outlining my tablet but with around 2 inches on one end and around 4 inches on the other end.
diy tablet sleeve
Sew the 3 sides of the fabric with the pretty side in, leaving one side open so I can insert the bubble wrap that I already cut when the pretty side is out.
diy tablet sleeve
Close that one side that was left open, then sew 4 garter cut-out that will hold the tablet to the sleeve & a round embellishment is what I used instead of a button to close out the tablet sleeve. 
diy tablet sleeve
And there you have your own tablet case my friends!


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