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Diy Principal Ruler Wreath

What you need:
o 15 wooden rulers
-cut at the 8 inch mark and you will have 4 inches for the center
o scrapbooking stickers and paper
o die cuts- .99 in the scrapbook isle seasonal bin at Walmart
o Wired ribbon...the poof 
o Regular ribbon...hanger
o Wooden 3D frame- .99
o Foam board painted black
o Mod Podge for printed name
o Jute

Cut your rulers...I just used some super sharp, heavy duty scissors. Sand any rough edges down. 

Mod Podge the name in the middle of the black foam board.
Attach the pre painted 3D frame on top. Set aside.

Assemble your wreath by applying hot glue to each end and securing to the outside edge of the letter  'O' with the 8 inch pieces. Go back around and glue the 4 inch pieces atop the middle of each open section from the 8 in rulers being aside each other. Let dry. Go back and squeeze glue between each section on the top, bottom, stabilize the wreath and ensure durability.  Don't make the glue visible....just squeeze glue where it covered by the ruler.

*This ruler can be any size...7 inch and 5 inch or whatever you want. 

Get your ribbon and run it through the center and secure with a dot of glue on either side of the wooden letter. 
Attach the 3D frame atop the open circle. Get your die cuts and stickers ready by trimming as much of the plastic around it (leave it on the sheet it comes with). Especially the foil ones. You can put hot glue on the plastic and it not melt, but not the foil sticker. 

Cut your scrapbook paper for the banner according to the size of the wreath. I couldn't give exact measurements,  but size it up. To get the even cut at the bottom bend one corner to the next and slice at an angle. Do not fold the paper or it will crease. Glue to your jute and attach your welcome cardboard letters on the paper.
Glue the jute right behind the owl and bird die cuts. You can attach each of them to the top of the ruler now. Center them accordingly. 
This one stretches between five 8 inch rulers. 1st and 5th as attach points. 

Attach all the stickers where you want by placing a small dot of hot glue on the ruler. 
Same with the leftover die cuts you want to use. Make a knot with a loop at the top of the ribbon to hand on the door hook. Attach your decorative ribbon to the front on the knot. All done. 

I do not think I missed anything, but if I did or you have a question, just ask.
If you follow me, then I am pretty sure you have realized I am not a technical crafter.....I just craft. I go with what works and I do not measure.  

So, let me tell you a little more on the wreaths story. I made this wreath for my kids principals door at their new school. She really has been great with our daughter over the years and put up with me, so it was the least I could do. Their school was torn down in the Summer to be built more modern and safe. They are borrowing another school at this time and they moved during the Summer. We are blessed she is so good with the kids. She knows each and every kid in her school and is very involved throughout the school. Her door was bare, so it was a pleasure to make one for her. Plus, I wanted to make a ruler wreath and I had no place to put one, so this worked perfectly. It gives me joy to make stuff for people if I am able.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Ever made one of these? How did it come out? Have a wonderful weekend ya'll.

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