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Halloween Throwback...Happy Halloween

It was previously stated that we love Halloween and everything that comes along with it. The warm fuzzies are felt and lots of happy dances and cheering. We really have fun with being whatever and whoever you want. Some of these costumes were purchased, lots were made from scratch and others are half and half.
Either way it is fun for all and that really is the point of it all. Honestly, I fear the end of Halloween in the future. I know that may sound crazy, but it seems to disappear a little more around here each year. I can understand that some families do not participate and even the ones that say it is a Pagan thing. We do not feel that way, we just do it for fun and family time.

Let me tell you a little about my side of the families traditional Halloween growing up. As a kid, my grandmother would take us to the graveyard the day before All Saints Day and we would clean up the graveyard. May sound weird, but it was a family burial site and family helped take care of it. We actually enjoyed doing this as a kid and had done it for as long as we could remember. We helped sweep the slabs, throw away the old and ugly flowers and we would replace them with flowers we picked or ones my grandmother bought. We tiptoed around all of the graves in order not to step on any one out of respect and fear someone would grab us and pull us in.My grandmother used to always tell us that on All Saints Day, all of the spirits would rise to see their graves so they needed to be cleaned off. That was all there was to it.

We went trick-or-treating with family and had a blast. I remember when I was little going trick-or-treating until we could barely walk. We loved running into family and friends and collecting candy. Everyone was friendly and our candy bags were off limits until they were checked later that night. We still do the same no eating candy until it has been checked rule with ours. We always go to neighborhoods that are safe and well lit and the kids are always in sight. Being blinky with light blinkers, glow stick bracelets and necklaces and even little flashlight help them feel safe and even more excited to be lit up safe.

Dressing up is one of the highlights of our family time. The kids and my husband dress up all of the time and joke around. I purchase lots of costumes and accessories when they go on sale and random costumes throughout the year at their lowest prices for the kids to have fun all year long. Some of these are for Halloween, but mostly for the kids to have fun with. My husband really gets into it and he will dress up and dance around in the middle of the store with the kids just for fun. 

Yes, you do see my husband in a wiener costume...and then a banana one.  A big wiener and a big banana...haha. My husband and daughter danced and sung in the middle of the costume isle(with the costumes on) at Target just to have some fun. Oh, he also has a pumpkin shaped a helmet on his head! LOVE IT! Little bear, punk rock fairies, crazed little people and the cutest little girl bumble bee I have ever seen. We will be having lots of fun on our trick-or-treating adventures tonight, and we hope you have a great time as well.

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