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Budget and Craft Friendly Pool Noodle Wreaths

You can say that I am no wreath maker. I can say I am no wreath maker. However, I am always up to try out something new or different. I had so many pool noodles left over from the Summer time fun last year and literally had no place to put them. I really wanted a wreath, but I did not want to buy one. Thrifty, repurposed, craftastic and creative all marked off with this project. So far I have made three wreaths with pool noodles. It really is exciting to create new things. I figured why not go this route...the material is foam and foam works well to create things. 

So let me tell you about the pool noodle wreaths I have made. {In the order they were made}

I made this one last year. I ran into the issue of the hot glue melting the foam...duh...I know. I went with clear duct tape to attach the sides. You can use the hot glue still, however you need to put tape down first so it does not make the foam melt.

Pool Noodle
Black glittered black wired ribbon (2)
Orange spider wired ribbon (1)
Black, purple and orange ribbon
Plastic Halloween floral arrangement with spiders

With a majority of the materials coming from the Dollar Tree this wreath was pretty cheap. This pool noodle was red and I spray painted it white. Wrap the black and then loop the orange over it. The black floral arrangement can be split apart so you can get your spider off. Pretty easy and all you have to do is look at the wreath to figure out how to assemble it.

Spring/Summer Wreath

Yellow pool noodle
Frog hanger
Light blue bath poof- new
Dark blue bath poof- new
Green tulle
Handmade butterflies and dragonflies

Again, this was another thrifty wreath. Pool noodle taped at the ends to secure wrapped in the bath poofs. It was really neat to come across the little string that actually holds the poof together. All you do is cut it and the whole thing comes unraveled. I would be lying if I said I actually measured stuff, but I don't. I just kind of wrap and see how much I need and then I cut it. Normally, I do not make the same thing more than once and if I do repeat a project, it is always different. 

The dragonflies and butterflies are made with stocking, paint and floral wire. My mom handcrafts and paints each and everyone of them. They are all different. She actually customizes them and sells them to a local floral shop for the bouquets. The wire gives them the floating in air look. Love them! 

Autumn Wreath

Yellow pool noodle- the spring one {spray painted gold}
Plum tulle
Light orange tulle
Faux Autumn leaves....some Mod Podged
Burgundy ribbon
Straight pins

This ones is my favorite so far and I am loving that I am getting a tad better in the wreath making department. The leaves I got on discount at .50 a bag last year for our Fall Crawl Centerpiece project. Autumn is my favorite time of year. Those burlap flowers were the first I have made and I was pleased they came out resembling a flower. I promise when I get a little better at making them I will share it with you. Each of the leaves I attached with straight pins.

With each of my wreaths, I often make sure all of the items are removable for future use. I like to make over everything over and over again. If I want the materials for something else then I can do that. 

Do you make your own wreaths? How do they come out?

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