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Why I Love Dating My Husband

Do you ever get a chance to date your husband? I love saying that I dated my husband last week. Life gets so hectic with kids(especially when they are sick, like lately), work, schedules and cleaning; this leaves little room for quality time between us. Since our family started, my husband and I have not had time to hang together like we did this past week. My husband leaves around 3:30am and is back anywhere from 4pm-9pm. He runs routes where he is gone throughout the week and ones that he comes home that day, plus Saturdays at the end of the quarter. So 6 day work weeks for him and that really reduces the time we get to spend with one another. When he gets home we get ready for bed because of the early rise schedule.

So, how did we get to date each other last week? My husband had to use some vacation time due to having so much built up...we didn't want to lose it. He will be going on overnighters again soon, so I am glad he got that time. Instead of seeing him everyday, he will be gone for 4 days straight and will be as far as Georgia. Yes, I know heartbreaking. As you know, our son started school this year, so that means we have gotten to hang out all we wanted while the kids have been at school working hard. I know we have enjoyed getting a chance to spend one on one time together this week.

 Every once in a while they will stay with their uncle and aunt for the night or go up to play at the neighbors for a bit, but none of it is the same. To have from 7am-3:30pm straight...not having to worry about them behaving or having to go get them or any other time sensitive situation. We do not have the luxury of babysitters or lots of family that live close by. Shoot, any rare date night we've had previously, we ended up driving around trying to figure out what to do the whole time. Do you finally get a date night and then don't know what to do? Most of the time, ours is spur of the moment so planning comes after rather than before. Planning a night out is just not our thing. We decide and change our minds and sometimes riding around chatting is what we do. We are getting better at deciding what we will do.

Why I Love Dating My Husband:
o Our connection as a couple grows and strengthens as a whole.
o We get to switch to the us as a couple mode over our us as parents role
o You get to have that married couple fun.
o It is pretty darn nice to have the freedom within your home to act how you please. Listen to whatever you want and say whatever you want. Unfiltered! I say that because of our 2 beautiful little sponges that soak up everything they see and hear, so obviously we have to be on our best behavior. 
o We can leave and go where we wish and run errands quick and painless. 
o Have a quiet lunch together or any other thing that involves sitting and enjoying each others company.

I really enjoy the company of my husband and he makes me laugh all day long with his humor and charming ways. Of course, this is just my list and the reasons that I love dating my husband. Even though our dating life chances are far and few, we still enjoy everyone we get. 

What are some of the reasons you love dating your spouse? 

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